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If the gorillas in the Melbourne zoo suddenly went on a rampage, I wouldn’t blame them. The Nokia ringtone was driving melbourneonmymind and I absolutely batty to the point that we were searching for a dropped phone only to find out that it was a speaker with multiple ringtones on a loop. It has to be annoying to them.

I don’t know who thought that was a good idea, but ohmygod. We were trying to eat a muffin near the enclosure, and we couldn’t stand that one ringtone that all people who get Nokia phones uses because they either don’t know how to change it or can’t be arsed.


Everyone always thinks they have a chance. All they really need is for that person to notice them, either by how attractive they are or how nice they are. So they will always send messages that are nice to try and get noticed, and they just hope that they can be noticed and enter their crushes life.

From there, they try to work their way up. Whether it’s through interacting more or trying to do things that the other person does. They try to climb up the ladder of strangers, to friends, to good friends and then hopefully more.

A LOT of people try things similar to this, especially with the rise of streaming and online interactivity. All of them know they have no chance but hang onto their feelings and hope that one day they will be returned.

When it comes to love and wanting to be wanted, people will do a lot of weird things.

Love makes you crazy.

This is one of those things that, especially online, creeps me out. There are people who, regardless of how minimal or great your online presence, feel they know you and will insert themselves into your life. I’ve had this happen both online and offline, and it’s uncomfortable.

What they don’t realise is that it’s the type of interactions that develop the friendships; it’s the depth of the interactions and the comfort levels in responding that create the environment for two people (regardless of popularity levels) to become friends.

It’s not that the interaction itself is uncomfortable; friendships wouldn’t start if it wasn’t for interaction. It’s the persistent and obvious attempts to get into someone’s inner-circle (or think you have a chance to become something more). It’s the difference between a blossoming friendship with a person you’ve suddenly spent almost 24 hours with (courtesy of delayed flights), finding out you have a lot in common, and the vague interaction you’ve had with someone who you were only around for about 20 minutes while standing in the queue to check-in.

I hate to just hi-jack this, but I just feel like that kind of persistence isn’t about love. The described actions are often those associated with obsession and infatuation; they’re also the described actions of someone who might want something more, whatever the “perks” are from the relationship.

We want to be wanted, we want to be loved… But that’s a whole different level. It’d be cool if people we appreciated (be it for their talent and persona in esports, their comedy prowess, their musical talent, the books they write, their on-screen presence in a film or TV show, etc.) knew we existed, but it’s unfair to think we have the right to invade their space just because we have some sort of access to them (social media). For example…

I adore Andrew Huang's music and online presence. I had a lot of fun at the after-show picnic that he hosted in a nearby park, and I'm glad I could help him navigate Sydney when he and his partner were a little disoriented; it's not fair for me to think I have the right to invade their lives just because of that.

I could go to every show Michael Hing puts on because his comedy is brilliant and endearing. I’m really glad he took time out of his life to talk to me after a show I went to (especially because I literally just wanted to tell him “Thank you!” for putting on a great show because he really felt as if he’d done a poor job when he really was amazing, and we ended up in an intriguing conversation), but it would be ludicrous to assume that we’re best friends just because he spent that time talking to me and because we’ve had a conversation on Twitter.

I think you (Hai) have an awesome esports persona and are a talented player. I really enjoy being able to watch you (and, of course, the rest of C9) on the LCS stage (regardless of performance), but it would be rude and inconsiderate to attempt to invade your personal space without being invited. Just because aspects of your life are more or less public doesn’t give anyone the right to do so.

Having the expectations that if you try harder, if you just keep pushing, you can somehow get closer? Is both absurd and creepy.

Approximately two steps between both sets are entirely pointless.

"Remove sofa cushions" tends to be quite obvious when the instructions are under them and a sheet of fabric, and ”lift foot end of bed.. and fold over towards sofa” is a bit obvious when you need to do that to see the instructions unless you’re sleeping under the bed.

Wolverine had to be included in ALL THE PICTURES.

This is what happens when melbourneonmymind and I get together. We buy multiple additional Kinder Surprises, which are illegal in the US but can be purchased under another brand, after we find out that they have awkward things inside them that intrigue us while making a video blog (I hate the word vlog) together.

I’m not sure what’s up with Wolverine’s chest, Hulk’s weird hairline, or Loki’s… well, Loki’s torso.

On a list of things that just feel awkward, “El Grande Malt Balls” and “El Grande Marshmallows” make me more than a little uncomfortable. As does worshipping sundaes and participating in hot chocolate hedonism?

I’m really not sure what’s going on here, but I’m not sure I really want to know.