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Because clearly the KKK is less offensive than the spelling of “Kollection.” Yep, a group of racist white men (and women and their children) who went around openly lynching black people and are still disgustingly relevant today are less offensive than this handbag and brand.

Some people seriously need to take five seconds to, you know, think about how their ‘jokes’ come off.

I saw this the other day, and I’m still mad about it.

One of my friends had a minor obsession with my feet when he stole my camera. I’m not sure why!

And yes, we often sit on the floor of my apartment when we’re talking. I actually really hate chairs. Especially mine because they are so hard.

… I <3 you so much, winderer.
Also, from here on out, I’m now going to assume all cat-related posts are made intentionally so Tumblr reminds me about them. :3

… I <3 you so much, winderer.

Also, from here on out, I’m now going to assume all cat-related posts are made intentionally so Tumblr reminds me about them. :3

Tumblr emails are so absolutely ridiculous. The one I just received was literally “Your Tumblr dashboard had a great week!” and then it may as well have just said “winderer posted a lot of cats!” because it only gave me posts of his about cats.

Which, by the way, isn’t bad for my dash. I love the cats. BUT THE EMAIL. THAT WAS ALL IT WAS. I’m so confused.




academics should strive to make academia (and especially theory) accessible to as many people as possible. what’s the point of creating knowledge if you make it hard to understand and therefore even harder to share??

it would be helpful first to get academics to stop thinking they are creating knowledge. academics in ivory towers pull knowledge from the bottom up and reframe/exploit until knowledge is top down. 

This is all true.

It’d also be nice to get rid of the commercialisation/privatisation of such knowledge, especially considering the amount of knowledge taken from people who then may not be able to access it.

Because even in a field like anthropology, where you’re working with people and cultures (of which I’m already incredibly critical about despite having studied anthropology), it’s not a requirement to provide those same people with free access to the research/reports you’ve generated about them and their culture. And it’s not a requirement to include them in any of the processes that produce that academic piece, which would help protect against (though not guarantee the absolute removal of) so many of the issues within the field. And that’s just a for instance and doesn’t speak of the vast amount of problems in other fields.

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