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One of my hetero male friends started bitching at me today. "I had a good date last night, but she might be too clean cut for me." Some girl interjected, "You mean she showed up in a turtleneck?" (As if a turtleneck is awful? It’s only awful if you’re the person wearing it and you’re freaking the fuck out because it’s too close to your neck.) "No, I mean she doesn’t swear or drink."

You want to complain to me about how she may not be date-able because she doesn’t drink (which is odd because you know I don’t) and doesn’t swear?

No, no, no. You don’t complain to someone who has legitimate un-date-able things happen, like the casual mention of a wife. You think you’ve got so much to watch out for when your main concern is what she ingests or her vocabulary? Fuck off and find someone who cares or shares your priorities; I am not that person.

Going on dates with men mostly leads to disappointment. Especially when it’s going well up until the mention that he told his wife he was going out with a beautiful woman.

You know, this is information that would be nice prior to going on a date. This is the third time this shit has happened since living here. I was at least able to avoid the first two because I was able to get the information about them dating/being married to someone through sneaky ways, but this one slipped by me.

Note: The fact I have to sneakily get information about someone’s relationship status makes me sick. I don’t care if you’re unhappy in a relationship or if your partner consents; you at least owe it to me to make my own damned decisions, and I’m not keen on being the Other Woman. Don’t fucking hide this shit from me because I’m more than aware I have to find out before I even agree to anything. (If you are in an unhappy relationship, having someone on the side is the least plausible way to fix that. I also don’t want to be the ‘motivation’ for you to end it. But I don’t want to end up in the drama of having to deal with your partner coming to find me or what have you.)

And then add to this the other four shitty experiences I’ve had with dating here, too (the now-ex-boyfriend who would stop talking to me for weeks because he disagreed with me, the guy who stalked me after ignoring me for over a year because he thought I’d want to get married ASAP, the following-now-ex-boyfriend who had no problem trying to control my future plans and berate me for a difference in opinion, and the guy who absolutely betrayed my trust by deciding no-means-yes).

Unless you’re willing to spend time — as a friend first and foremost — proving that you’re amazing and trustworthy and fun and caring, I quit and refuse. I’m tired of sounding like a fucking Maybelline commercial every time something happens, reminding myself that I’m worth it.

Eight more days left here before I temporarily go home. I am so done with this shit.

I’m not going to complain about being fined because I wasn’t completely within my rights, but I will complain about the fact that international students don’t always get affordable options for things they use with high frequency (public transport, which is already outrageously priced in Sydney for the constantly decreasing quality). I entirely disagree with the fact that not all full-time students are entitled to concession tickets, particularly international students who have to continually insist on it and then get overlooked/ignored by their university.

Note: We’re only allowed to work 20 hours a week maximum during the semester, most people don’t really want to hire us because we’re usually confined to working places for 6 month stints, we’re paying more in tuition (which kind of makes sense) and also have to deal with the lack of financial support unless our home country is willing to help (which it usually isn’t because we’re not within its borders) or our parents have the funds to assist (while some of my international student friends did have parents who could, most of us were pretty much on our own and trying to find cheap-ish ways to survive).

Additionally, I went into my university’s ID services every semester at least a dozen times to get a sticker that stated I was allowed and met the criteria for international students. They fought me every step of the way and told me it wasn’t allowed, and I couldn’t keep fighting them because I had university-related things (assignments, practicums, research, etc.) to complete.

ANYWAY, I’m more annoyed at the phrasing used on the fines/warnings because they never tell people what their rights are; they always tell you what the rights are of the transport officers, but they conveniently neglect to tell us what ours are (without us going to look them up). If there is information necessary for the public, it is the knowledge of knowing what their rights are and how they can retaliate (especially when unfairly charged/treated, as I’ve seen this occur multiple times in the Inner West).

I’m also annoyed that they basically tell you, in scare tactics, that you should pay because you’ve “less than a 4% chance” or “less than a 1% chance.” It’s so quaint that these people basically are all “You have no chance, you may as well. Look, we don’t care because we’re going to listen to the officer.” (Along with the ridiculousness that is “may apply additional charges,” which is often a gross abuse of power, too.)

Another note: I did pay the $200 fine (for not paying $0.80; they really need to look into graduated fines for once-off and repeat offenses) because I don’t feel like being penalised when leaving the country on August 5 or when trying to re-enter in the future.

They also need to look into making their transport more affordable. Hey, Sydney? I know you hate Melbourne, but even their system is more affordable than yours; you might want to check out their pricing. Also, get rid of having so many damned zones. And start considering that there are people here who genuinely can’t afford to take any of your public transport because you keep raising the price of everything nearly every single year.

The final bit of images from Melbourne, when I got bored on the flight back to Sydney. This is why you bring a book on a plane. Or a movie. Or a game. Or, you know, something to do.

Sometimes I feel like the recycled things advertising is more than a bit absurd. Am I really going to dig through my friends’ and families’ bathrooms, searching for their toilet paper to then later out them as being WASTEFUL HUMANS because they’re using non-recycled toilet paper?