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I’m sorry if your surname is Badcock — and I say this as a person whose surname is Ursprung — but there are some things you should never, ever do.

And one of those things is create a sign for your business that looks like “Badcock & More.” Because I legitimately cannot stop giggling at how much it sounds like a shop for purchasing poor sex. (Which I totally don’t need to buy. That’s far too easy find and definitely cheap enough [free, sans time wasted].)

Precision Collision: We meet by accident.

Sometimes, businesses… Just sometimes I wonder about you.

But that old truck? Fucking awesome.

A functional design! These are things that I love to see in cities because it means they’re thinking about how people see things (creating interesting features) that could influence their actions.

Except the rest of Panama City, Florida doesn’t do much other than tell you to drive, drive, drive. So this amazing fish-shaped bicycle rack? I haven’t seen much use for it. But that doesn’t negate its capability as a feature.

This is at the first rest stop in Alabama.

Drove back to Florida with my mom. On our trip back, we went through Nashville, TN. I always love the weird batman-eared building. It just kind of makes the skyline.