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The few things that really, really got to me (in a good way) while watching The Decoy Bride.

1. The attempt that James (David Tennant) makes to try to write a book. My heterosexual life partner and I decided that this would be a clearly amazing novel because of the phrase “adjusted his testicular implant.” We also determined that, if this were a real book, it would need a drinking game for the amount of times it would have to use the phrase “testicular implant.”

2. The fight scene between James and Marco (Federico Castelluccio). They both run to the swords only to find out they’re nothing more than crappy stage props and immediately begin to argue over who gets them. Also, there’s PUFFIN THROWING.

3. The cuteness of Katie (Kelly MacDonald) when she’s trying to respond to what James says about his move star fiancee. Spoon-nose was definitely the most adorable thing ever.

4. The deaf couple who dances to nothing. It’s the most beautiful thing ever, and it makes me cry because HOLY CRAP I WANT THAT. They’re just so happy to be together, and it’s lovely.

5. The dedication of the book. Where are these guys? Clearly they exist somewhere, but I’m not convinced there are nearly enough of them.