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I wanted to grab a couple photos during, but my phone’s camera is a bit of garbage. Like super-garbage. These, however, were shockingly good considering! Also, I hate spending tons of time trying to take pictures because I miss out on things. So I grabbed the couple scenes I thought were good for memories, and I paid attention to everything. Even going as far as seeming to crawl over the railings of my third-floor seat to get a better look. I may be 27, but I still watch things with the wonder of a 10 year old. I probably always will, and I’m totally fine with that.

I already wrote about my one of my favourite pictures taken that night. Sort of, anyway. I still hope Neil Gaiman receives my appreciation, because I still feel a bit rude to squeak out “We’d like pictures!” and then scamper off like a giddy hamster after he obliged. BUT ANYWAY.

I was actually pretty entranced by the cello player. Mostly because the cello is always going to be my favourite string instrument; it’s so often overlooked, but it’s the best of the five main symphony strings. Its sound is like honey, and there’s nothing better than it. The second photo really explains why I adored him when you know what he was doing. He looks so bored and tired and lethargic and any other synonym for any of those words you can think of, but it was because he was acting out a part.

Neil was reading from his to-be-released-in-October children’s book, Fortunately the Milk. It’s silly, it’s cute, and I’m still going to be purchasing it when I can (even though I don’t yet have children because I am essentially a big child, but I honestly don’t need a justification for it). During part of it, he’s telling about a father who is going to a corner shop. The father’s been gone for so long, and the two children are just waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. The cello-player? He’s so perfect at that “I’m bored, I’m hungry, where is dad with the milk because I haven’t had breakfast and he’s been gone forever and is he ever returning but I’m bored and hungry and have no energy to be bouncing off the walls yet” expression of childhood.

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